World Ranger Day – Sunday, July 31st

My first novel, Dyed In The Green, is the story about the murder of a young Canadian national park warden at the hands of poachers.

But it never happened.

It’s fiction.

Yet every few days, somewhere in the world, a similar story unfolds that is not fiction.

It’s someone’s reality.

During the past year more than a hundred park rangers have been killed in the line of duty in countries around the planet. They died trying to protect the amazing diversity of life that we share this small blue dot with, species whose very existence is threatened by our actions.

This Sunday, July 31st – World Ranger Day, I ask you to take a moment out of your busy lives, to stop and think about the sacrifices these men and women made to protect wild places and the species that live there.

On #WorldRangerDay, please #standwithrangers.

Thank you.

Invermere Valley Echo Article

Thanks to Nikki Fredrikson at the Invermere Valley Echo for this latest article published July 20, 2016 (in two pages).