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  1. Enjoyed Dyed in the Green and now working on Wood Buffalo. Interesting stories that are great chronicles of the life of a park warden.


  2. George, I just finished reading “Jasper Wild”. An excellent read–hard to put down. I’ve been going to “Jasper” since the age of 4–back in 1950. My father directed the YMCA “camp” on the south shore of Lake Edith, for several years–first in the late 40s and then, again in the mid 60s. As a result of that and my more result travels your book meant even more to me because I was somewhat familiar with a number of the locations both inside and outside of the Park. We were at Lake Edith the year that the Smith girl mysteriously disappeared around Labour Day, 1950.
    Thanks for giving us “Jasper Wild”. I plan on reading more of your works.

  3. George, I recently read Jasper Wild and loved your writing style so I picked up Dyed in The Green. I very much enjoyed it as well. And I’m going to continue to buy more of your books. Living in NL I can relate to how many disrespect our wildlife through poaching etc. Keep up the great work.

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