Yellow and Blue

I am not Ukrainian but I support the yellow and blue.

What is happening in Ukraine is almost unthinkable in the 21st century.

That a democratic country can be invaded by its neighbour is unacceptable.

That cities can be bombed and civilians murdered, criminal.

That Russia can threaten nuclear war, incomprehensible.

My heart goes out to Ukraine and Ukrainians, wherever they may be.

They need all of our support, especially military support, to repel this invasion.

I have nothing against the Russian people.

I appreciate that rising up against a thug like Putin is difficult because of the tyrannical way he and his cronies dispense with protest and protesters.

But unless Russians rise up and oust the thug, he will not be deterred.

Sanctions may hurt Putin but they will hurt the average Russian even more.

They already are.

And if sanctions are what it will take to avoid an even larger and more prolonged war, then so be it.

After what our parents and grandparents, other relatives and family friends fought for during two World Wars, going backwards should not be an option.

It is heartening to see the global response to Putin’s repugnant actions.

The effect of sanctions, global protests, financial and military support to Ukraine, are encouraging.

But obviously still more is needed.

This conflict is having and will continue to have global implications.

The longer it goes on, the greater the pain.

Especially for Ukrainians but also for Russians and the rest of the world.

But this can all be stopped. 

Neither the Ukrainian or Russian people deserve this. 

Putin needs to be stopped and the Russian military must withdraw from Ukraine.

Only then should sanctions be lifted.

Only then can wounds begin to heal.

Peace is the only option.